5 Ways To Scale Up Your Business

scaling up

I want to share five ways to scale up your business.


In order to get better or bigger results, you have to do a few things.


As a rule:

When you start off in the beginning, and you generate a few sales (or a lot..it doesn’t matter), you should ALWAYS take 20% of what you profit and put it into a marketing fund/budget.


Why is this so important…BECAUSE…


If you obviously spend the money you made in your business, for anything and never reinvest back into the business, eventually you will be out of business..due to a lack of funding. So if you make $100, off the top, take $20 and put it into your marketing fund!  PERIOD.

Listen, there is NO business owner or CEO who is not thinking about or aware of the numbers.

If you think the CEO of Coke, doesn’t know how much revenue they had for the year, how much it cost them to produce and package their product, how many products were sold, and to what market group, etc..


Internet marketing is a popular technique that can make your business global and  productive. Specific and effective internet marketing strategies plays a key  element in the website promotion, product promotion, and success in all kinds of  businesses. With an extraordinary exposure, this platform is good for budding  businesses. The tried and tested techniques are helpful to grow businesses  rapidly. There are tons of ways and methods to scale your business to increase your profits. I will cover the five basics ways to scale your online business.




Search Engine Optimization- This is a common term and  focuses various marketing strategies such as article marketing, press release  marketing, directory submission, social bookmarking, and blogging. There are  many factors that play an important role in great rankings such as high-quality  content creation, user-friendly site structure, and URL structure. Through these  methods, it is possible to gain good website rankings, which will improve the  value of your business.



A solo ad is a one time email blast you buy from a vendor that has created a “list” of people they have collected. Should it be part of your marketing campaign? Sure, why not? For as little as $10 it is worth a shot to see if you get a reaction from email on your product.



You Tube Marketing..the best part is that this method is Free



Marketing on Facebook can help you reach all of the people who matter most to your business. If  your looking for a more impactful way to explode your online busness, than you can’t not ignore the power of Facebook.



Craigslist…reach hundreds if not thousands of people looking for your opportunity . To get the most bang for your buck, the paid version $25.00 is the most cost effective way to go.


No doubt, that these 5 tips or ways for internet marketing techniques have the pure potential to transform your  organization’s bottom line.

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