How To Get A Prospect To Commit After Months Of Sitting On The Sidelines

Be tenacious

First of all, you need to be tenacious with your prospect. You need to be able to keep following up with someone until they specifically say “no I don’t want to” or they start to become rude with you.

If they start to become rude you don’t want the prospect in your team anyway, they wouldn’t be a good fit and would start to cause issues within your team.


Treat your team as you would your family

Treat your team as you would your family. If you’re happy to spend Christmas with your team member or have dinner with your team member they’re a good fit. You want to have positive team members, don’t allow negativity to seep in to your team. Negativity will promote poor work ethic and in turn produce poor results.


Instantly disqualify a lead if they become negative or rude.

If they’re anything but negative or rude, follow up with them and don’t stop until you’ve got them signed up.

Now you might be thinking “I don’t want to have to chase up hundreds of people every day” and that’s totally fine, that’s not what we’re doing. We’re not chasing up, we’re not begging people to join and we’re certainly not bugging people.


Gauge the interest level of your prospect

With each unsuccessful follow up spend less time on the follow up. An unsuccessful follow up isn’t just someone saying “call me back on Thursday”, that’s quite positive from some perspectives. However, if they said call me back on Thursday and then they didn’t answer the call on Thursday, that’s an unsuccessful follow up and you should reign back your follow up efforts.

By reign back your follow up efforts I’m not saying don’t call someone on a certain day if that’s what they’ve asked for, I’m saying instead of checking in with them every week move it to every two weeks and then if you’re still unsuccessful check in every month.

By using this strategy, you’re making sure you don’t waste all your time on people who are just stringing you along and are too polite to say no. Stay busy and don’t spend too long on each conversation. No one wants to sit on the phone for 2 hours talking about whether or not they want to sign up to join your team. Create a short, snappy and appealing pitch that you can use to easily gauge the interest of each prospect. This will help you figure out how much time to spend on each prospect.


Be honest and give people an out

Some people really can’t just say no. They are too polite and feel like saying no might hurt your feelings.

You need to be honest and somewhat blunt when you suspect someone is not that interested and is trying to put the conversation off until another day.

People are happy to offer a small white lie to keep the peace instead of tackling the issue head-on and just saying they’re not interested.

An example of this is if you’ve got a prospect on a call or in a 1-2-1 session and they say something along the lines of “Yeah, let’s talk on Monday” after being prompted about whether they’re interested or not. You need to come back and push back a little, you need to make sure they’re not wasting your time.

Reply with something along the lines of “Are you sure? You’re not just trying to get me off the phone, are you? It’s totally okay if you’re not interested in joining, I’m busy and I’m sure you are. I’ll follow up with you if you’re serious and you’re going to move forward but I don’t want to waste both of our time. We can still be friends if you don’t want to move forward.” This gives the prospect an out if they’re not that interested and if they’re not actually going to purchase. It also stays on good terms with the prospect so you can follow up with them in a few months to see if they’ve changed their mind.


Always keep the door open to potentially working together in the future.

If they come back and say they want to work together now then perfect. If they’ve done this before and still not joined don’t go in to the whole ‘great let me get everything done right now for you’ mode. You need to play hard to get. Send something along the lines of “Okay great, I’m just about to go on another call but here’s the link if you want to join. If you don’t that’s okay. I know you’ve changed your mind a few times before. Anyway, I’ve got to go I’ve got another call in five minutes, I’ll check in after.”.

Now, because you’ve not fallen head over heels when they said they’d join and you’ve called them out on the previous few times where they’ve said they’d join but didn’t they will be more determined to join and will want to prove your wrong. They will sign up even if they didn’t plan on just to avoid being called out again.

Now it’s your turn…


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