How To Become The Leader You Were Created To Be



In this blog post, I want to share the qualities of becoming the leader that you were created to be. Now I won’t be able to cover every detail of becoming a leader, but you’ll get the point after I give you several important steps to becoming a leader.



Leader by definition….


 One that leads or guides or one who is in charge or in command of others…or in more simple terms, a leader leads others to leadership.

Leadership by definition….

A simple definition includes the capacity to influence, inspire,rally, direct, encourage, motivate, induce, move, mobilize, and activate others to pursue a common goal or purpose while maintaining committment, momentum, confidence, and courage.



I believe that everyone has the capacity, potential and raw material to become a leader by the design of the creator. However, it is a tragedy that most of the people on this planet will bury the leader trapped within them in the grave of a follower. In fact, many people die without ever knowing who they really were. This is because most of us are mere products of our of our environment, lacking the will to change, to develop and maximize our potential and become who we really are.



How do you become the leader you were created to be?


Becoming a leader isn’t easy, but learning to  lead is a lot easier than one may think. Leaders today appear to be an endangered species and in many cases they are being replace by managers rather than leaders. Others have mistaken being a leader with being a boss. However, it is difficult and perhaps impossible to become something you do not know or cannot define.




So let’s get down to it…

Leaders are not born, but made. Everyone has the capacity and potential to become a leader. But what makes one a leader ?…and what  are there distinct characteristics that are common to leadership? Here are a few that every leader must possess.



Purpose…the foundational level or key to becoming a leader is discovering a sense of purpose for your life. Purpose is always the original intent of someone or something; it is the very reason a person was created. Therefore, discovering your purpose will give life meaning and fullfillment.


Passion…this is a deep controlling desire that makes the leader’s commitment to the guiding purpose a love affair with destiny. The leader must Love what he does and becomes the driving force for what he or she does.  Michael Jordan as an example was great at what he did on the basketball court because he loved what he did and that stimulated his passion for doing on the highest level. A leader must discover what he/she is passionate about




Integrity…I should have this one first, but it is by far the most important qualities of becoming a leader. You must walk in integrity…PERIOD. Integrity is the basis of trust which is a product of leadership. It is a quality that cannot be acquired or purchased. It must be earned. If you say that your going to do something, then do it without compromise.



Trust…this is the product of time and integrity that mirrors what I said above. Are you the kind of person that does what he/she says or commits to doing. You have to be trustworthy. Real leaders are individuals whose characters have been tested, proven and established as being faithful and trustworthy. Again, this quality cannot be acquired; it must be earned.



Curiosity and Daring…To a leader, life is an adventure. Leaders are willing to challenge traditions, experiment with new ideas and explore. A leader is willing to take risks, step out in faith, try new things and challenge convention.He does not worry about failure, knowing he will learn from it.



Lastly, leaders are individuals who have declared in-dependence from the expectations of others had determined to be true to themselves in the face of a society who wants to homogenize them. If you want to become the leader you were created to be, then it is necessary to challenge the opinion of others and defy the social straight-jacket that stifles the untapped leader within.


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