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In this blog post I want to share what I’ve learned about how to get Emails Into Gmail Inbox. There are three sections on the Gmail inbox that make up where your emails will land when you receive them:


  1. Social: messages from social networks, media-sharing sites, online dating services, and other social websites
  2. Promotions: deals, offers, and other marketing emails
  3. Primary: person-to-person conversations and messages that don’t appear in other tabs



Google automatically sorts your inbox into these tabs using its special algorithms. The tabs do give you a convenient way to automatically sort your inbox according to Gmail’s preset categories and get notifications at a glance for when new emails come in. The social tab is not so much of a problem. it is cut a dry as to what will land in there. The challenge is getting your email’s into your prospects Gmail Inbox.


Here Are Some Tips for You…..

Emails Into Gmail Inbox


Tip # 1

Keep it Informative

It’s natural to want to pitch your products whenever you send out an email. If you do that, though, your emails are going to end up in the Promotions tab each and every time. Instead of going crazy with promotions, send out informative emails that don’t scream “Promotional Material.” Send something that you have learned, or something about your life’s story.

Tip # 2

Go with a Single Link

Gmail analyzes the number of links in emails when determining where to file emails away. If your emails have multiple links, there is a good chance you’ll end up in the Promotions tab. To be on the safe side, stick with a single link in the body of the email. This adds an additional benefit to your email marketing campaign as well. It helps you create a focused, click-worthy campaign. Research shows that emails that have a single call-to-action have higher conversion rates.

Tip #3

Create Emails that Read Like Personal Notes

I’ve noticed that marketing emails that land in my inbox look a lot like personal emails. If I don’t look closely, I could almost be fooled and think they’re from a friend.When you create a personalized email it will you to the next level. If you do this the right way, two things will happen. First, of course, your messages will end up in Gmail inboxes, which is the Holy Grail of email marketing.Second, your conversion rates are going to increase.The amount they increase depends on how good you are at this. If you’re great at it, expect to see your conversion rates go through the roof. Just ask the marketing team at They sent a targeted offer to one of their email segments and their conversion rates grew by 208%.


Tip # 4

Send Content People Are Looking For

Here’s the sad fact: Sometimes, you can do everything right, and your email will still end up in the Promotions tab.That is just the way it goes.Fortunately, you can combat this by sending content that people are looking for.Let me explain. I subscribe to countless lists. If I were to go through email, I would probably find that I’m on 30 or so different lists.Do you know how many lists I actually care about?Two.I know when the emails are coming in from those lists, and if I can’t find them, I look in my Promotions tab. Then, I drag them over and add them to my inbox. Once I do that, Google knows that I want them in my inbox. If you can create emails that people want to read, they’ll make sure they receive them in their inboxes.So how do you create emails that people want to read?Include tips, tricks, and useful information that people don’t get anywhere else. Make your emails the go-to place for inside information.

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Steve Clausell

Steve Clausell

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