How To Eliminate Your Monthly Autoresponder Cost

In this day and age of internet marketing or running a business online, it is CRUCIAL & VITAL to have a system that will automatically communicate with your leads long after they opt in to your capture page/landing page. That is were autoresponders come into play.


Here is a BIG problem…


To be successful in this industry, you have to have some important tools of the trade. As I mentioned earlier, you need an autoresponder. But that’s not all. You need a capture page/landing page (to capture the lead), video sales letter or VSL (to do the selling and telling for you) and finally the money page (the sign up page). The problem that most newbies and even experienced marketers are having trouble with the monthly cost associated with having a complete system that automates the process from beginning to end.



There are many platforms out there (not going to mention names) that offer an autoresponder, capture pages, & video sales letters. However, there is a monthly cost factor to maintain the platform. Below is a generic pricing grid for the average monthly cost for maintaining a autoresponder and/or marketing system.



Now keep in mind those figures above don’t include having a capture page system, video sales letter..etc. Your cost per month for everything you will need will easily eclispe $200/Mo when you add in a capture page system. Many newbies are failing at a drastic rate because they simply can’t afford the basic marketing platform to capture, convert and close the sale via an automated system.


What if I told you….



That there was an automated system (developed by a seasoned marketer who was voted the #1 marketer in the world in 2015) that you could get that would eliminate your monthly cost for maintaning your marketing system. And not only that; there is a system that has the following:



  • Autoresponder (Unlimited subscribers)

  • Capture Page Builder (Unlimited pages)

  • Blogging Platform w/SEO optimization (up to 5 blogs)

  • Webinar System

  • Shopping Cart

  • Sales Funnel

  • Increase Your opt in Rate by 700% with pop up generator

  • Advanced Link Tracking

  • Video Hosting

  • And much more….



So I’m sure your asking how do I eliminate the monthly cost and get all of that? right…Well, I believe in being totally transparent, it will cost you $18.00 One-Time to get access to the funded proposal system. It will also cost you $47.00 One-time for reseller’s rights and $97.00 One Time for the all inclusive marketing platform above. So in short, it will cost you ONE-TIME $162.00 to eliminate your monthly cost as it relates to your autoresponder platform and/or marketing platform.



The bottomline…


You will save money and at the same time get access to everything you will need to have the best marketing platform on the planet…PERIOD…and here’s why. The normal everyday price for this all inclusive marketing system is $197 for lifetime access. If you like saving money like I do, then simply take Action so you can get lifetime access for $97



In my humble opinion, this is really a No-Brainer. So if you want to slash your marketing cost and use that money to invest in driving more traffic to your opportunity, then here is your solution. Simply watch the short (TESTIMONIAL/OVERALL SYSTEM OVERVIEW) video that’s presented in the link below and get started saving today!



Yours Truly,

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