Easy Cash Code Opportunity Review











Easy Cash Code Opportunity Review

In this blog post, I will cover in detail the Easy Cash Code opportunity review. Is Easy Cash Code the real deal, or just another scam?   What is the Easy Cash Code system and is it a good fit for you?  For a thorough and honest review of the Easy Cash Code, just keep reading.



Easy Cash Code  was created by industry expert, Reginald Stinson who is also a 7 figure income earner. Reginald Stinson is well known internet marketer who received an award for the number one internet marketer of 2014. He is the creator of several reputable systems and Easy Cash Code is one of his best.  Easy Cash Code launched in January 2016.  It is important that you do not confuse this brand new system with the Easy Cash Code from earlier days.  This is an entirely different system.  There are some less-than-positive reviews out there on the previous program.  Be mindful…. that was many years ago and they are completely unrelated to this brand new system. Easy Cash Code is not an MLM or Network marketing company, or Business opportunity.  It is an affiliate program that has a very straight forward pay plan that can pay you infinitely.


►What is Easy Cash Code?


Easy Cash Code if a generic funded proposal marketing system.  In other words , it is a comprehensive system that comes complete with capture pages & marketing training.  All paid members are allowed  full resell rights and can add their own primary opportunity or affiliate offer  into the system on  the back end to increase their cash flow.  Just attach your own autoresponder (Aweber or Get Response) account to generate leads and build your email subscriber list.  When you refer other people to the Easy Cash Code marketing system, you earn 100% commissions on the products within the funded proposal system. Again, Easy Cash Code is not an MLM or Network marketing company, it is not a pyramid scheme. It is a real opportunity.


The Easy Cash Code system was created to give marketers the ability to earn multiple streams of income/commissions ala carte style quickly and easily. In is a known fact that the average millionaire has 7 streams of income. The day of relying on just the income from your job is OVER


►What Is The Compensation Plan?

All commissions are 100% and all payments are member to member. You’re earnings are based on your own efforts.  There is no downline to build and no worry about the duplication of others beneath you.


Join for Just $18:  Everyone begins his or her Easy Cash Code journey by joining for a one-time payment of just $18.Once you have completed this payment, you have the ability to refer others to Easy Cash Code so you can earn 100% commissions.


When you refer your first person to Easy Cash Code, you earn $18.  Your second referral passes up to the company/admin to help cover the cost of running this robust system.  Once you have completed this pass up, you are now considered 100% qualified.    For every person you refer thereafter, you will earn $18….that’s a 100% commission paid directly to you from your referred member. These payments are made directly into either your payment method of choice: Stripe, Solid Trust, Payezee, Paypal and soon bitcoin.



Reseller License

Once inside the back office, ECC members have the option to upgrade your membership so you can enjoy additional income streams on which you will also earn 100% commissions.   To qualify to earn commissions on the additional income streams inside of ECC,  you must first activate your Master Reseller License for a one-time payment of just $47.



The first additional income stream is SMS Pro for a one time payment of $67.  It is mobile marketing software that  you can use  to promote whatever you want with SMS text message marketing and voice broadcasting.  When members upgrade, this will create a an income opportunity for you to earn $67 instant commissions paid directly to your Stripe, Solid Trust, Payezee, Paypal and soon bitcoin account


IM Phenom

The second additional income stream inside of Easy Cash Code is IM Phenom for a one-time payment of $97.  This is a marketing platform that includes capture pages, a blogging platform, an auto-responder and so much more.  When members  you have referred upgrade, this will create an additional income opportunity for you to earn $97 instant commissions, again paid directly to your Stripe or Paypal account.



Traffic Wave makes it easy for you to build, manage, and profit from your own email marketing lists.Now businesses, clubs, organizations, entrepreneurs, and home based business professionals can easily stay connected to their customers, prospects, and members from any computer anywhere in the world using Email Marketing AutoResponders from Traffic Wave.Note, that Traffic Wave is a monthly commitment of $17.95 to have a unlimited autoresponder that will deliver your message to the inbox of your subscriber. Never worry about being penalized and charged more as your list grows. Traffic Wave is a set amount of $17.95/M.


Receive Unlimited $20 Bills

This is a lucrative affiliate program involving the NetSpend Debit Card.  This is for US members only.  You earn $20 to your NetSpend account each time you refer a NetSpend card member who funds their card.   This is another FREE MONEY program!


Your Primary Opportunity:  You have the ability to add your primary opportunity or affiliate program in the back office of Easy Cash Code.  You can refer your ECC members to it and earn even more income.


►t is noteworthy to mention that you DO NOT have to upgrade to Optional income streams. We have a few members who make great money only at the $18 level. Therefore, if that’s what you want to do, it’s perfectly fine, but why limit your income to only $18 when can increase your earning potential tremendously by taking advantage of system that every business needs◄


►What Do You Get for $18?


Easy Cash Code Funnel System with Ready to Use Capture Pages :

This System comes with capture pages and a lead management dashboard.  Build three income streams simultaneously with our simple to use breakthrough state-of-the-art marketing funnel system. Add your own primary opportunity or affiliate offer as a fourth stream of income.  You can also build your own list by attaching the system to your AWeber or Get Response autoresponder account.

  • Video Sales Page :

    Allow the system do the selling and telling for you.  The sales page comes complete with a high-converting on-demand video presentation with team testimonials that does all of the explaining for you 24/7.


  • Referral Management Dashboard:

    Keep track of your referrals & earnings all in one easy-to-use dashboard. The dashboard allows you to view your team and gives you access to your referral’s personal contact information for easy team management.


  • System Resell Rights:

    As a paid member, you will have full resell rights.  Earn unlimited $18 commissions when you personally refer others to use the Easy Cash Code system and get 100% commissions paid instantly & direct to you.


  • Hangout Page Coded to You:

    Invite your prospects to our LIVE Team Hangouts and get more Easy Cash Code signups.  Your hangout page buttons will be coded to you to make sure you get the commissions for anyone who joins from your page.


  • Quick Start Training :

    Access to the Easy Cash Code quick start marketing training to help you start getting eyeballs on your presentation right away.


  • Banner Ads :

    Place these eye-catching Easy Cash Code banner ads anywhere you’d like online to draw prospects to your marketing system.


  • Facebook Mastermind Community :

    When you become a paid member of Easy Cash Code, you will be added to our secret exclusive Facebook group. Here, you can get your questions answered, stay motivated and connect with like-minded home business entrepreneurs.


    ►What You Get In Pictures


►The Power  of the Easy Cash Code compensation plan:


$18  – membership fee

$67 –  SMS Pro Upgrade

$97 – IM Phenom Upgrade

$17.95-Traffic Wave (plus residual income)

$20-Unlimited 20 bills

$219.95  – total per referral…WOW


As you can see, you can maximize the Easy Cash Code compensation plan and potentially earn $219.95 per referral. Last, here is just a small snippet of sales coming in for me with this fantastic easy money making system.


Now it’s your turn….

If this just makes since too you and your ready to join an awesome program and lock arms with me with ECC, simply go to ►Getting Started Image Below. Also know that you will not be alone. You will have me support as well as the teams support

Easy Cash Code


Easy Cash Code


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