Does Job Security Exist?

In this blog post I want to talk for just a bit about job security and if it still exist.


Have you been told to go to school get a good education and get a good job? I have too but that plan doesn’t work anymore! Why? Just look at what’s going on with technology I mean even fast food workers are getting replaced by mechanical robots as a response to the mandatory increase in minimum wage. Even if you’re one of the lucky ones who have a “GOOD JOB”, in the next 5 to 10 years if not sooner that job will either become obsolete or replaced with technology.


There was a time long ago where one could get a job and feel a real sense of security and comfort knowing that he or she has  landed a job that will be around for along time; Jobs at the steel mill,  manufacturing jobs, federal jobs. The list goes on and on. Those jobs no longer exist. Therefore, my objective with this blog is aimed to help you, not scare you. Armed with knowledge you are better equipped for what life throws at you.


In my humble opinion, there has never been job security even with those great companies of the past and the companies of today. You really can be here today and gone tomorrow. I have seen it over and over again; from the CEO to the worker on the assembly line. I’ve even seen high paid sales professionals get higher, near impossible to hit quotas that ended up greatly decreasing their income.


Here Are Some Recent Facts About Job Security


– Target in January announced it was taking out 1,175 jobs, including 465 layoffs (source: USA Today)

– Microsoft announced planned headcount reduction of up to 18,000 (source: USA Today)

– Hewlett-Packard told investors that it plans to cut an additional 11,000 to 16,000 jobs. (source: USA Today)

– Coca-Cola plans to cut 1,000-2,000 jobs globally in the coming weeks (source: CNBC)

– BP Oil will cut thousands of jobs cut across its global oil and gas business by the end of next year in a $1 billion restructuring program (source: Reuters)

– 3,700 job cuts this fall will hit 11 percent of Sprint’s employees company-wide (source: Kansas City Star)



Believe or not, the list is a lot longer than what you see here. I’m not trying to scare you, but people in general need a real wake up call that the economy has is not what it used to be. IF these big companies can cut large amounts of jobs, hopefully you start to understand that there may not be job security in ANY job.


So What Do You Do About This?


1. Get in alignment with an investment vehicle that will create tax reduced or tax free income. Yes, it is better to start when you are younger but you can still have hope at an older age.



2. Create OPTIONS. I never tell someone they should leave their job to do a home business full time but I DO tell everyone I know to create more than one stream of income. To me, it is totally insane to have only one source of income and that one source come from a job that you do not control or really have ANY say with. This does NOT mean you have full security with a network marketing company either though as they can close their doors too, but, having an additional income is most certainly a smart thing to have. If you learn the principles of how to build your home business, you can do it again in a new company if one company does shut down, unlike jobs there is not a finite number of positions.



3. Recognize the REAL thing that is BETTER than job security. Adaptability. If you learn to adapt, you can conquer any scenario. With what I now know with marketing and providing value, I fully believe I can go into any niche and make a living.


Now It’s Your Turn…

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