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8 Activities To Help Build Self Confidence

Are you struggling with self confidence?   Here are my 8 suggestions that should help   8 Activities That Build Your Self-Confidence   Everything becomes easier when you’re brimming with self-confidence. As soon as self-doubt enters your mind, your ability to act is compromised. Self-confidence might seem to rise and fall in a random fashion, […]


How To Stay Motivated

In this blog post I talk about how to get and stay motivated. Apply what you read and watch your life go to higher levels.   The Skill Of Self Motivation The ability to motivate yourself is necessary if you want to be successful. Everyone struggles to be productive from time to time, but there are […]


4 Tips To Becoming A Better Sponsor

So let’s jump right into these 8 tips to becoming a better sponsor.   Let’s face it, the faster you can help you’re new distributor to start getting checks – preferably within the first 90 days, the better your chances are that they will stay and continue to produce. Team members that are producing are […]


How To Overcome Fear

  F.E.A.R stops so many people from moving forward and achieving their goals in life. You’ll notice that I spelled out Fear as an acronym which stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. People are fearful of the unknown; fearful of making a mistake;fearful of what people may say or think. I want to discuss a […]


How To Become The Leader You Were Created To Be

  In this blog post, I want to share the qualities of becoming the leader that you were created to be. Now I won’t be able to cover every detail of becoming a leader, but you’ll get the point after I give you several important steps to becoming a leader.     Leader by definition…. […]