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The One Thing Entrepreneurs Need To Survive



Regardless of what sort of business you possess (online marketer, offline business, realtor, barber, hairstylist etc…) there is always a slow season. It is that season when clients are rare, or when customers set out toward excursion areas. As far back as the beginning of trade more than 3,000 years prior, there has been a business cycle. Any individual who utilizes time timekeepers realizes that a few months are occupied and some are slack. That is a reality of living and working in a created economy. The question is how to survive the slow times, and how to do so profitably.


Nearly every business owner has cash flow ups and downs, but you must have the mindset to survive during the down times. If this is the case in your field, then make sure to cut spending in times of slow business. During the months when there is little revenue, you should not have to spend as much on day-to-day operations. Off-season chores should also include planning and perhaps budgeting if there is no other time to do so.



There are so many challenges involved in every investment such as inflation and competition from other similar institutions. Sometimes you will enjoy good profits and at other times little or no profit at all. Be wise and take advantage when your business is at it’s best. For instance, offer gifts to your customers to make them come for more. This will promote your business and even attract more customers. Another good way to promote your business is by sending postcards to your customers once in a while as a sign of appreciation. It’s extremely important to say thank you to your clients every time they come to your store. This will not only make them happy but also strengthen your relationship.


Have a suggestion box where your clients will be able to air their views privately. By doing this, you will be able to know when you need to do correction. Review your business plan once in a while and see if you are following the right procedures regarding your goals. Arrange a meeting with your employers once a while discuss issues regarding your business. Their salary should be able to meet their needs in order to maintain them and to avoid theft. Advertise your store even during tough times to help you reach more customers and also to avoid losing your existing clients. It’s your responsibility to improve your skills and knowledge regarding financial aspects of your business. With good knowledge, you will impress your clients and make them come for advice whenever they encounter difficulties.


Always take control on your expenses in order to maintain a steady flow income. Purchase only the important items to keep your business running. It’s also good avoid buying slow moving goods in plenty since this will only reduce the cash flow. If you are still holding some stock during hard times, sell it off and use the money to cater for other expenses such as paying the house rent and paying your employees. If your business is still at a stand still, lowering your profit margin a little less will help keep the new business moving. This will make a big difference in maintaining your clients.


I hope you have received some value or tips that will help you survive during the difficult times in business.


To Your Success,

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