4 Tips To Becoming A Better Sponsor

So let’s jump right into these 8 tips to becoming a better sponsor.


Let’s face it, the faster you can help you’re new distributor to start getting checks – preferably within the first 90 days, the better your chances are that they will stay and continue to produce. Team members that are producing are what will get you to the top levels in your company, period!

So what are the right sponsoring steps to take to ensure more success for your team and greater success for you? Here are the steps to get your new rep started fast:



1.Go on a fact finding mission. Find out what your newly sponsored rep’s knowledge and skill level is, what resources he or she has (marketing budget, warm market influence, business contacts that respect them, an established blog of Facebook fanpage, etc.), how much time they have to invest in their new business endeavor, etc.


2.Use the information you gathered to create a daily action plan that will help them get into profit quickly using the current skills and resources they have. Create a longer term plan of action that includes them getting new skills and improving on existing ones in order to transition smoothly into the next phase of their prospecting plan.


3.Hook them up. Introduce them to some productive members of your upline and your team so that they feel part of the group and understand that help is only a phone call or email away.



4.Equip them with the tools of the prospecting and recruiting trade. Make sure they have access to prospecting scripts, role-playing trainings, company presentations, etc. and that they understand how to use these things effectively.


5.Get them plugged in to your company and team trainings, your local meetings and events, and your bigger national events. Great growth takes place after events. If you don’t attend, your team won’t attend.


6.Check in with them regularly. Give assignments and hold them accountable. Encouragement can go a long way with people too.


7.Lead by example!! Don’t slip into management mode and stop recruiting. That is a death sentence for your business. Whatever you do, your team will do. Of course, as your team continues to grow, you will need to increase the time teaching and training, but you still need to set aside time to sponsor more people as part of your daily action plan.


8.Invest in your best assets. First yourself. Continue to educate yourself and improve your skills as a leader, in MLM recruiting and MLM sponsoring. And second, invest in your team with your time, energy and emotions.


These are you 8 Steps to Becoming a Super Sponsor. Follow them, and watch magic begin to happen in your home business.


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