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How To Create Craigslist Auto Response Email

Discover how to create a craigslist auto response email In this video I talk about how to create a gmail auto response email that will work on autopilot for you. You can choose to manually respond to prospects when they see you advertising for your opportunity…or you can automate it by setting up your craigslist […]


7 Psychological Triggers to Encourage Email Engagement

We’ve said it time and time again: marketing is all about psychology. Email marketing is no different. Anyone looking to build their list and actually convert leads into customers needs to have a keen understanding of psychological triggers. After all, if you don’t know what makes your readers tick, how can you possibly expect them to […]


Top 5 Metrics All Email Marketers Should Be Tracking

There are numerous different ways that email marketers can try to determine just how well they are doing from a performance standpoint. While the overall list of potential metrics is exhaustive and goals for an email campaign vary from person to person, there are several metrics and KPIs that EVERY email marketer should be looking […]